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Footwear for girls 

Keep tiny feet as cosy as can be with our range of baby and pram shoes. From soft slip-ons to protect your newborn's tiny toes, to supportive shoes for wobbly walkers, our range has everything for little ones aged up to 18 months old. 

If you're not sure which to choose, our guide to finding the right footwear for your baby is all the advice you need to find the perfect pair.

stable soles for tentative steps

Most babies take their very first steps at some point between 9 and 12 months. By 15 months most are pretty confident on their own two feet (of course, late developers may still be happy scooting about the floor). Look out for baby booties with non-slip soles – this should help to keep them a little more stable as they make their way from cruising around the furniture to running around the nursery.

stylish designs for  girls

Being practical is all well and good, but our baby shoes are fashionable, too. Our pram trainers add a sporty touch to one-pieces, while our mini ballet pumps and loafers are smart enough for special occasions (or just because). We've also got multipacks of baby booties, so when you're in need of stocking up, you can pick up a few pairs in one go. 

Discover our unique collection with unique models from Kickers, Nike, Crocs, Camper, New Balance and last but not least mothercare.