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Searching the ideal baby monitor is a challenge for any conscientious parent. With main concern the convenience of every seeker, the team of experts of the gold award winner at the Mother & Baby Awards 2021 MOTOROLA, prepared the following mini guide for choosing the ideal baby monitor.

Use it, and step by step you will discover the most suitable baby monitor device for you.

Begin your journey with the best assets

It is important to first clarify basic concepts such as “what are baby monitors”, “how they work” and what are their types.

Baby monitors or intercom systems, are digital devices that allow you to monitor your baby remotely.

Their operation is performed through the wireless connection of the transmitter (baby unit) and the receiver (parent unit or device).

There are four main categories of wireless intercom systems:


  1. AUDIO which only transmit sound
  2. VIDEO with Wi-Fi connection
  3. VIDEO which transmit sound and image
  4. VIDEO dual-mode with wireless and Wi-Fi connection

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  • Wireless baby monitors AUDIO - only with sound

Baby monitors in this category may make it easier for parents looking for a cheaper solution, or a second device for use at grandparents cottage or home. Available one way operation (to listen to your baby) but also two way operation (to listen and communicate with your baby).  An example of a device with one-way operation is the MOTOROLA MBP 21.

  • Wireless baby monitors VIDEO - They provide Audio and Video.

These monitors are ideal for young parents who want to watch every moment, movement or word of their child. They have a variety of different features and functions (such as night vision), but also variations in screen size and camera capabilities. Indicatively, discover the special ones MOTOROLA MBP 482 & MOTOROLA MBP 55.

Also, some VIDEO baby intercoms provide extra features. For example, the MOTOROLA Ease 35 Twin has a dual camera and is ideal for parents with more than one child, as it allows them to be monitored simultaneously by the parent unit even if each child is in different places.

  • Baby monitors VIDEO with Wi-Fi connection - They offer Audio and Video via Wi-fi connection to any smart device.

The baby monitors in this category, like MOTOROLA Peekdaboo, promise to “untie the hands” of busy parents who want to watch their baby from the office, on the street or abroad, through their mobile phone.

  • Baby monitors VIDEO dual mode with wireless connection and Wi-Fi connection - They offer Audio and Video, allowing the transmitter to be connected in parallel with the wireless parent unit but also with a mobile phone via Wi-fi.

Dual connection monitors like MOTOROLA MBP 855, are specially made to support parents who want to watch their baby at the same time, independently and from different receivers, without deviating from their personal schedule.

The MOTOROLA devices stand out!

MOTOROLA has a solid foundation. It has award-winning product collections and significant distinctions in the field of intercommunications, proving in practice its specialization and innovative contribution to the industry. Indicatively, every MOTOROLA baby monitor offers:

  • Ability to securely encrypt data through digital protocols that prevent interference, and offer complete security against digital material interception. They are distinguished in DECT technology systems for audio devices (AUDIO) and in FHSS technology systems for video and audio devices (VIDEO).
  • Eco mode operation, thanks to which the device is activated only when sound is detected. This saves energy and extends the life of the baby monitor.
  • A high signal range up to 300m outdoors and 50m indoors, with notification when the unit goes out of range.
  • Ability to connect to the Hubble App, an exclusive partner of MOTOROLA. This is an application in English for recording the baby’s development which also provides access to articles and advice from experts
Journey does not stop here!

Choosing the right and ideal baby monitor is important. To serve the needs of your family you should carefully study the features of each baby monitor and match them with your own desires. It is also very important in the selection criteria to include the possibility of supporting the device by an authorized service such as MOTOROLA.

Whatever your final choice, MOTOROLA guarantees the extensive use of its devices. How? Once your baby is older, MOTOROLA Baby Monitors can be used to monitor older children or the elderly.

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