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Keep your little one cuddled up close in a cosy baby carrier. Your newborn will love the soothing rhythm of your breathing and movements, and you can enjoy going hands-free. When you're out and about, simply pop your baby into their snug baby sling or baby papoose, and you can stride out together. Baby carriers come in a wide range of styles and fits. There's the sporty, outdoor-ready feel of designs from brand BabyBjorn, or you can try a gentle baby wrap. This style swaddles your baby closely and allows for easy breastfeeding.

Front carriers are ideal to keep little newborns snuggled in tight to you where you can easily keep an eye on them. A newborn baby carrier is designed to support their head and neck, and hold their legs in the recommended 'frog leg' position (as endorsed by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute). When they get a bit bigger, your curious baby will enjoy the move to a back carrier, which fits like a rucksack, and lets them see the world. We also stock a range of hip seat carriers, which are perfect for active parents.

Baby carriers are also designed with your comfort in mind, with padded straps and easy-to-adjust straps. You'll soon be popping your baby into their papoose like a pro, and you'll both love the flexibility a carrier gives you. Look out for designs with extra pockets to keep those baby essentials in. There are countless benefits of babywearing, from bonding with baby to hands free mobility! As they start to get a bit bigger, browse our range of prams and pushchairs for the next step in baby transportation.