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Whether you're expecting twins or have a growing brood on your hands, a double buggy will make all the difference on your daily travels. Choose from sturdy designs from big brands like Bugaboo and Britax as well as iCandy and our own exclusive mothercare range.

Picking the right wheels for your little ones is all about safety and structure – for more advice on what makes a good double buggy, have a read through our guide to finding the perfect pushchair. There are two main types of pushchair-for-two – the double stroller and the tandem pushchair. These place your little ones in different seating arrangements: the double stroller sits them side-by-side, so your children both get a front-row view of those exciting weekend wanders. With most models the seats recline individually, so one toddler can sit up while the other lies back and has a snooze.

With the tandem pushchair, your little ones sit one in front of the other. This way, the pram is the same width as a regular pushchair, so they're much easier to manoeuvre down busy city streets and narrow pavements. Tandem designs are well-suited to siblings at different ages: the back seat usually reclines, so the younger one can drift off for a nap while their older brother or sister watches the world go by from the front.

If you're expecting twins (congratulations!) a double pram is essential for those first few months. Babies need to lie flat until they're three months old, as this position is better for their growing back and organs. Once they're old enough, you can start looking at twin pushchairs where they can sit up and take in their surroundings. We have a whole host of other pushchair options too, including all-terrain pushchairs and 3-in-1 prams which are perfect for travelling further afield with your little one!