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Peg-Pérego Prima Pappa Follow Me highchair - petrolio

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age range: Newborn
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product information

Product code: 0711915

At a Glance

Small description: 

Prima Pappa follow me, when it’s time for sleeping or time for tea! The Prima Pappa follow me high chair is approved for use from birth and can also serve as a comfortable recliner. With its 4 wheels, Prima Pappa follow me follows you everywhere.

Features and benefits

USP description: 
  • Reclining backrest, adjustable footrest

  • 4 wheels (with brake) for easy movement

  • Double removable tray with cup holder

  • Compact when folded, free-standing

  • Non-scratch wheels

  • Eco-leather cover

  • Follow me: Your baby is always by your side

  • Comfort recline: From highchair to recliner in one move

  • Upholstered anatomical seat with 5-point harness 

Main Description - Body: 

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Product Specifications

Supplier code
Supplier code: 
product weight: 
7.9 kg
Height (Package)
Height (Package): 
29.7 kg
Length (Package)
Lenght (Package): 
86.2 kg
Width (Package)
Width (Package): 
56.2 kg
Height (Closed)
Height (Closed): 
95.5 kg
Length (Closed)
Length (Closed): 
34.5 kg
Width (Closed)
Width (Closed): 
55.5 kg
24 months
Height (Οpen)
Height (open): 
104.5 cm
Length (Open)
Length (Open): 
75.5 cm
Width (Open)
Width (Open): 
55.5 cm

PVC cover

Care instructions
Care instructions: 

Clean cover with a damp cloth. Τray removable and washable in dishwasher

Package Weight
Package Weight: 
10 kg