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ClevaMama® Mum2Me™ Maternity Pillow & Sleep Pod - white/soft grey

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age range: Newborn
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product information

Product code: 0714973

At a Glance

Small description: 

The Mum2Me Maternity Pillow & Sleep Pod supports mum's entire body, from head and neck, down to bump and knees, during those times when getting comfortable seems impossible. The elevated support helps reduce the effects of heartburn and reflux, a common issue, particularly in late pregnancy. After baby is born, it easily transforms into a safe and snug sleep pod for your baby. Perfect for sleeping, resting, cuddles & play at home or away.

Features and benefits

USP description: 
  • The pod mattress is made using our advanced ClevaFoam® technology which supports your baby's rapidly growing body and protects the round shape of baby’s soft head to help prevent Flat Head Syndrome (Trinity College, University of Dublin, Ireland)
  • ClevaFoam®, with its open cell structure is 100% breathable, lightweight and has significantly reduced heat retention. For baby’s comfort and safety, it is hypo-allergenic, pH balanced and toxin free. Ideal for babies with asthma and allergies
  • Size: External: 60 x 104 cm / Internal: 30 x 77 cm

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Product Specifications

Supplier code
Supplier code: 
Care instructions
Care instructions: 

Comes with a removable and washable pod cover. The bumper rarely needs washing. Ventilating and airing is usually enough. If you choose to wash, place in a pillow case or washing bag. Tumble dry at low or medium heat and fluff or shake back into shape. Ensure it is fully dried before use. Check fabric and seams for damage.

The mattress pad itself may be washed occasionally and gently by hand using a mild detergent. Gently squeeze excess water from the mattress and allow to dry flat.

Security instructions
Security instructions: 

Safety is a shared responsibility. Although this product has been manufactured according to all safety standards and requirements, we need your help in order to keep your child safe and failure to follow these instructions for use may cause serious injury or damage to your child.
To prevent serious injury or death:
• Pay special attention to warnings for safety, in order to prevent possible injury to your child.
• Not intended for carrying baby.
• Always place your baby to sleep on their back to reduce the risk of SIDs.
• Ensure your baby has plenty of supervised tummy time when baby is awake and alert.
• The Mum2Me must always be used in a safe and supervised environment.
• When used for co-sleeping it must be with a responsible, non-smoking, non-inebriated adult.
• Your baby's feet should be positioned at the foot of the Pod if blankets are being used, to ensure your baby cannot wiggle down under the covers.
• Ensure that your Mum2Me is fully supported on a stable surface. NEVER place this product on countertops, tables on or near steps or on other elevated surfaces.
• Do not keep stuffed toys, inside the Mum2Me Pod.
• Blankets and quilts must always be secured by safely tucking them in under the Pod.
• To avoid possible entanglement or strangulation, do not add additional strings or straps to the product.
• Check the product regularly for damaged seams and similar. Damages must be fixed immediately.

A child's movement can slide this product. NEVER place this product on countertops, tables on or near steps or on other elevated surfaces.

• All foam products are packed for safety and transportation and require time when unpacked to return to original shape and size.
• Please remove the product from all packaging and allow to air for a period of 48 hours before use.
• Optimum room temperature for best performance should be 18?C.