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You know what they say: you can bring the broccoli to baby, but you can't make them eat. This is why baby weaning can be an exciting taste test for your little one, and a cleaning test for you. Thankfully, we've got everything you need to make baby weaning go as smoothly as possible.

When baby first gives those sold foods a go, things can get messy. Baby bowls and plates with suction-lock bases stick to your little one’s high chair table, stopping them from tipping that yummy food over themselves (or you). Our baby cutlery comes in bright colours and shapes that are perfect for practising the airplane game. When they’re ready to take their first bite by themselves, choose a cutlery set that’s easy for their little fingers to grip. 

Trying out new foods without too much chewing is easy with a baby blender or food maker. You can buzz together new delicious weaning recipes while baby works out what they like and dislike. Weaning pots with click-lock lids are great for taking out with you when you’re on the go. Alternatively, be super prepared for this mushy food stage with one of our baby weaning sets, complete with all the essentials from plates and bowls to sippy cups.