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Your hungry little newborn will love their (very) regular meals of milk. As their immune system is still developing, it's really important to keep your baby safe from harmful bacteria. If you're formula feeding or using expressed breast milk, keep your baby's feeding equipment germ-free with a baby bottle steriliser. Washing bottles, scoops and your breast pump kit isn't enough to kill milk-grown bacteria – give them a good scrub in the sink with a mild detergent, then finish them off in the baby steriliser to keep them squeaky clean. 

Electric sterilisers use steam to kill 99.9% of germs without using chemicals. Simply fill the reservoir with water, load the tray, and in just a few minutes your little one's bottles and teats are safe and (when they've cooled) ready to be used again. An alternative to the electric bottle steriliser is a microwave steriliser, which also uses steam, but is popped in the microwave to reach the right temperature. A cold water steriliser, where special sterilising fluid is added to water, is a good solution if you're on the go. 

Look out for baby steriliser sets that come complete with bottles and teats for super-easy shopping. Planning on expressing breast milk to serve in a bottle? Have a look at our range of breast pumps that make expressing easier. We stock all the major brands, including tommee tippee and philips avent. Find out more about bottle feeding your new baby with our helpful guide.