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breastfeeding (70)



As well as offering the perfect excuse for a cuddle at every mealtime, breast feeding is a convenient way to keep baby's tummy full. We've got everything you need from breast pumps to pillows to make the experience both easy and enjoyable. If you're just getting started, have a read of our advice and tips on breast feeding and you'll be a pro in no time.


breast pumps

Stocking up on baby's favourite food is simple with a breast pump from our range. An electric breast pump helps you express milk quickly, so you can pass dinner duty to a friend or partner while you take a break. They’re discreet and easy to transport, so you can bring them along when you and baby are visiting family or taking a trip. These pumps have soft massage cushions to stimulate milk flow and keep you comfy. It’s a good idea to invest in a breast feeding set to make sure you have plenty of bottles for storage and teats for feeding time.


breast feeding accessories

While you and baby get into the swing of things, we have breast feeding kits and accessories to keep you both relaxed and happy. Feeding pillows help you sleep comfortably during pregnancy, then – once baby has arrived – they give a little extra support at feeding time. Our shields help baby latch on and give relief to sore, cracked or inverted nipples. In the later stages of pregnancy and just after baby is born, you might find you express excess milk. If this happens, we have absorbent breast pads to keep you comfortable and dry.