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bottle feeding (204)


At mealtimes, baby has three options on the menu: breast milk straight from the tap, expressed milk or formula. Whichever you choose, we have everything you need – from baby bottles to sterilisers and pumps – to keep little tummies satisfied. You'll find lots of advice on baby bottle feeding in our online guide to help you get started.

We've got starter sets of Philips Avent bottles, sterilisers, brushes and teats that have everything you might need for dinnertime with baby. Teats come in different flow rates; slow for newborns and faster for growing little ones. It's a good idea to invest in both so you can adapt to your little one's changing needs. Having a steriliser is essential to keep your bottles germ-free. It’s also important that you clean the bottles first, so make sure you have a bottle brush that can get in all the gaps. 

What else will you need to prepare baby's gourmet meal? A breast pump is essential if you’re expressing. Choose from manual pumps that are cushioned to help keep you comfy. If you decide to go with baby formula, we have powdered and bottled baby milk to keep baby's tummy full at every stage of their growth – from birth up to 3 years. A baby bottle warmer can shave valuable minutes off dinnertime. These prep machines measure the water and heat your bottle quickly and to the right temperature.