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Βaby bathing and changing

Bathing and changing your little one isn't always the most glamorous side of parenting, but it provides loads of important bonding time and is something we’re sure you’ll learn to love. If you’re feeling a little anxious about bath time, don’t worry, you’re not alone. We’ve put together this all-in-one bathing and toilet training guide to help you make it a success (where, hopefully, baby gets wetter than you do!).

Our bathing and changing section is your one-stop shop for all things bath time. We have baby baths, bowls, sponges and stoppers to suit every baby and every budget. Plus our range of snuggly baby and toddler towels are perfect for those all-important cuddles afterwards.

When it comes to baby changing products, we have you covered from every angle. Our range of handy cot top changers create a safe and comfortable surface for your baby during nappy changes. Then there's the all-important change bag for baby toiletries. This will go with you everywhere for the next few years so it’s worth taking your time and choosing one you really love. We have plenty of choice of designs, colours and sizes – from super slick to no-fuss functional. Don't forget to check whether your chosen bag fits easily on or into your pram.