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What your nursery needs


happy little home:
what your nursery needs

Where have those first few precious (and noisy) months gone? It seems like only yesterday that your little newborn was first placed in their moses basket – and didn't they look so tiny – and now their fidgety feet are reaching the bottom. They’re ready to move into their cot, and this is normally the time when many parents start thinking about furnishing the nursery.

Getting the nursery all kitted out at this stage means that it's easy to make all your furniture match and co-ordinate. As we all know, babies have a lot of stuff, which only seems to increase as they grow, so a bit of extra storage is a great bonus at this time!

To help you give your nursery all of those homely finishing touches, here's our handy nursery buying guide.

mothercare's nursery furniture buying guide

from basket to cot

Now that baby is growing out of their cosy moses basket, they might need to graduate to a cot to get a bit more nap-time wriggle room. A cot bed is a good investment, as these clever designs can be reassembled as toddler beds when baby's ready for the next move. 


Look out for options with drop sides (which makes it easier to get them in and out) and height adjustment (so you can keep lowering the mattress as they get taller). Remember too that cots need to comply with BSEN716: 2005 standards.

Lulworth cot bed nursery furniture from mothercare

mothercare cot bed bedding


mattresses and

Mattresses are sold separately to cots so you can choose the right one for you and your little one. Some options have springs in them, while some are made of natural materials and some are foam, so there are plenty of options to match baby's snoozing needs. Make sure it’s at least 10cm deep, and fits snugly up against the cot sides.


Babies don’t need pillows just yet, and its better to use layers of soft blankets rather than duvets at this stage so you can easily adjust them when the temperature changes. Some little slumberers prefer baby sleeping bags for all-night snugness and an extra layer of security.

time for a change

While some parents opt for a simple changing mat on the floor, this can get a little tiring on your back and knees after a few weeks of ten changes a day! A changing table or a cot-top changer makes these frequent sessions far less of a strain, and there are handy places to put those changing essentials.


A stand-alone baby changing unit has the bonus of extra storage underneath for all those nappies and wipes. Hanging a colourful mobile over the changer will help to keep your wriggly baby amused while you do the dirty work.

nursery storage solutions

Isn't it funny how the smallest family member has the most stuff? It's what to do with everything that can become a problem... And as they grow, your storage options will probably need to grow with them.

early days


mothercare's lulworth changing unit


At first, many of us find chest of drawers are the easiest way to store all the baby clothes, nappies and muslins. Chests of drawers provide you with lots of easy-to-access storage (and ours even have soft-close drawers to protect little fingers). You can also get changing tables with compartments underneath.

as they grow


little bird nursery furniture from mothercare


As your little one grows and grows, it might be time to add a wardrobe, as it gives you lots of room for clothes and bedding without taking up much floor space. Choose a single wardrobe or a tallboy if your nursery's a little on the cosy side, or future-proof their storage needs with a traditional double-door version. 

Shelves and storage baskets are homely and provide a storage solution for tidying away toys and teddies. Just bear in mind that toddlers will have a great time emptying all the shelves and baskets if they can reach them, so make sure to tuck them out of arm's length.

furniture for a cuddly feed

Now that baby has moved out of your room and into their own little nursery, nighttime feeding will probably now happen there too. For both your comfort and theirs, make midnight mealtimes as relaxing as possible with a cosy feeding chair. There are rockers for soothing sleepy-time cuddles, and cushioned loungers with footstools that make for extra-comfy parents.


Also, when you’re tip-toeing into the nursery for a feed or to have a quick peek, you’ll need a low-level light. Place a lamp with a gentle glow on a shelf so that it doesn't startle baby when you switch it on.

nursing chairs from mothercare

little bird playmat at mothercare


adding individual touches

As well as all of the sensible stuff, arranging your nursery is a great time to make it cute and personal. Pictures and bunting brighten up the walls and are stimulating for your baby during the day.


Your inquisitive youngster will love bright mobiles and night-time light displays – just make sure they’re safely secured or out of reach of curious little hands. A cheerful rug or playmat on the floor adds a splash of fun colour and creates an inviting and safe playtime area.

baby bedroom safety

Your baby needs to be safe as well as snug in their new nursery. They’re tiny now, but they’ll soon be cruising around the furniture and keeping you on your toes! Make sure your little explorer's safe with the help of socket covers, window and cupboard locks, and tuck away all cords and wires. 


All the furniture should be correctly assembled and secured to the walls. Equally, it's best to place the cot in the centre of the room and away from any windows and radiators. 


Finally, install a baby monitor or have one resting on a shelf so you can keep your ears open for that next feeding-time siren.