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from tiny toes to pre-teen chic: a guide to children’s clothes sizes


from tiny toes to pre-teen chic:
a guide to children’s clothes sizes

Buying clothes for your new baby is so lovely - all those tiny vests and socks. But getting the right size for your baby or young child can be tricky, especially as wriggly babies and reluctant young shoppers aren’t always easy to measure. Here’s our lowdown on buying the right size clothes for your child:

baby's little feet

getting ready for your newborn

Be prepared to get through a lot of clothes, as your baby will grow more in their first year than at any other time of their lives. Your little newborn’s style will be mostly vests and sleepsuits, as well as socks for their tiny toes and seasonal extras. Newborn clothes are available in:

  • tiny baby (up to 5lbs, 2.3kg)
  • new baby (up to 7.5lbs, 3.4kg)
  • up to 1 month (up to 10lbs, 4.5kg, 56cm height – or perhaps that should be length!)
  • up to 3 months (up to 14.5lbs, 6.5kg, 62cm height)

Find our newborn baby clothes here >>

size guide newborn


shopping for your growing baby

Shopping for baby clothes gets a bit more interesting now as your baby graduates from 24/7 sleepsuits to miniature clothes. Friends and relatives will delight in buying cute little outfits, but you’ll still need plenty of everyday stuff like vests and sleepsuits. Clothes for growing babies come in:

  • 3-6 months (up to 17.5lbs, 8kg, 68cm height)
  • 6-9 months (up to 20lbs, 9kg, 74cm height)
  • 9-12 months (80cm height)
  • 12-18 months (up to 86cm height)

you can browse all our baby clothes here >>


shopping for baby shoes

At around one-year-old is now up for some on their feet exploring (although probably still a bit wobbly), so it’s time to get fitted for that first pair of shoes but make sure their first footwear is soft, flexible and not at all restrictive. If your little walker is reluctant to have their feet measured in the shoe shop, try our handy shoe size chart at home. Choose socks with grippy soles for indoor cruising.


You can find your little walker some the perfect baby shoes here >>

dressing your toddler and pre-schooler

Your boy or girl toddler may be happily indifferent to what they wear. But as they get a bit older, they’ll probably develop firm favourites, so it’s worth investing in spares.

Clothes can take a real battering at this age as your busy toddler explores their world. This is also when their imaginations really start to develop, so welcome to the days of fancy dress. The wellies-and-princess-dress combo is ever popular.

Clothes shopping with toddlers and small children can be challenging (thank goodness for online shopping). Here’s a guide to clothes sizes for this age group:

  • 12-18 months (up to 86cm height, 50.5cm chest, 51cm waist, 54cm hips)
  • 18-24 months (up to 92cm height, 53cm chest, 52cm waist, 56cm hips)
  • 2-3 years (up to 98cm height, 55.5cm chest, 53.5cm waist, 58cm hips)
  • 3-4 years (up to 104cm height, 57cm chest, 54cm waist, 60cm hips)
  • 4-5 years (up to 110cm height, 58.5cm chest, 54.5cm waist, 62.3cm hips)

Our toddler boys clothes can be found here >>

And our toddler girls clothes here >>

older child chic

Primary school-age children start out as notoriously reluctant shoppers, but by the time they’re a bit older, both boys and girls have very definite ideas of what they want to wear.

The good news is that their rapid growth has slowed down and you won’t be replacing their wardrobe every few months. However, as your child becomes more fashion-conscious, they’ll probably want you to. They’ll be spending a lot of time in school uniform, so invest in hard-wearing, easily-washable garments.

The sizes for this broad age range are:

  • 3 years (98cm height, 55.5cm chest, 53.5cm waist, 58cm hips)
  • 4 years (104cm height, 57cm chest, 54cm waist, 60cm hips)
  • 5 years (110cm height, 58.5cm chest, 54.5cm waist, 62.3cm hips)
  • 6 years (116cm height, 60cm chest, 55cm waist, 64.5cm hips)
  • 7 years (122cm height, 62.3cm chest, 57cm waist, 67.3cm hips)
  • 8 years (128cm height, 64.5cm chest, 59cm waist, 70cm hips)
  • 9 years (134cm height, 66.8cm chest, 60.5cm waist, 73cm hips)
  • 10 years (140cm height, 69cm chest, 62cm waist, 76cm hips)

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