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The Stokke® Beat™ stroller is the small but mighty new kid on the block.


To love city living means embracing the tempo, hum and bustle of roaming from one place to another in a journey that is never the same twice over.

Traversing cobblestones, secret side-paths, towering bridges and unexpected havens of nature that frame striking industrial architecture with surprising softness and color.

There’s always something happening. A new corner to explore, a cosy viewpoint to people watch, and a hundred routes to get there, each with its own cadence and potential for something new. The city feels alive and moves at a rhythm that always pulls us back for more.

As your family grows so can your love of the city. Travel, maneuver and discover everything that the city has to offer with your family and to your own beat with the new StokkeR Beat™ stroller.



Big cities mean navigating small spaces. With so much to discover with our little ones, we can still find ourselves hesitating at the front door wondering if the chaotic commute will be worth it. The crammed rush-hour crowds, winding alleyways and stepped entrances to the metro are enough to put off even the most seasoned city

dweller. But this city belongs to you and your child just as much as anyone else. So, while the city can feel like it wasn’t designed to bring your family to the heart of theaction, the StokkeR Beat™ stroller will do just that. The StokkeR Beat™ stroller is one of the most compact and lightweight strollers in this category. And when we say compact, we mean compact. You’ll be cozying up in your favorite coffee shop, hopping between buses and parking up in the best spots with the stroller that was designed to be maneuvered, folded and lifted with ease. It can be folded and carried with one hand, even with the seat fully attached. Leaving you more arm space and energy for snacks, bags and excitable toddlers. Pack up the stroller in to your small city-friendly car before you can say 1, 2, 3 without the need to disassemble, swivel things around or drop all your shopping bags. Head on to your next stop with the confidence to explore any space with the stroller that was designed to take up amazingly little.

Stokke® Beathas it all.

Made for modern families living the urban experience, it has all the features you need in one sleek package.


We love the city because there’s always something new around every corner, so why not use a stroller that can handle it all? That’s why, even with its compact frame, the Stokke® Beat stroller has full front wheel suspension that can absorb the different paces of the city so you can walk at your own. You’ll also be cruising on brand new wheel technology that uses innovative tires on

lockable, swivel wheels - smooth to ride on but strong and long lasting, just how we like it. All of this being steered by a super comfortable handlebar that sits higher than most to give you more control and relaxation as you meander the cityscape. As well as effortless “tilt and turn” handling that’s built for tight squeezes, sharp turns and navigating busy public transport. What looks like just a gorgeous little stroller ends up driving like a Tour de France bike: incredibly lightweight but handles like a dream. StokkeR Beat™ has it all.Made for modern families living the urban experience, it has all the features you need in one sleek package.


• Compact size when folded and unfolded

• Light – weighs only 9.5 kg

• True one-hand folding

• Excellent maneuverability to handle tight corners, narrow streets and public transit

• Visible shock absorber in the front wheels secures a super smooth ride

• Large sturdy wheels in puncture-free material

• High heel and flip-flop safe brake

• Excellent seat ergonomics for first class comfort

• Parent and front facing seat that can be folded either way

• Adjustable footrest and seat that reclines easily using only one hand

• Extended canopy with a modern shape offers ventilation and protection from outside stimuli like light and noise

• Double-hinged 360-degree seat rail for safety and easy access