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Perfecting your pushchair: which accessories to buy


perfecting your pushchair:
which accessories to buy

There's a whole exciting world out there for you to show your little one. To help you with your explorations, you might want to add a few bits and bobs to get their pushchair ready for adventure. Some models come with their own extras, and others are sold separately. You don't need all of the pushchair accessories on the market, of course, but it's always good to know what's available.

a changing bag

Packing for a short stroll down the road is a bit like preparing for a round-the-world trip now your baby has arrived. A changing bag is designed for storing nappies and fresh clothes, as well as little things like toys and snacks. Most come with stroller straps so you can attach to the pushchair handles, keeping everything in easy reach when you are out and about.

rain cover

Most pushchairs come with one included, but if yours didn't then it's worth considering buying one to protect your little one from the rain on drizzly days. It's a good idea to bring one with you when you're going to be spending a fair bit of time outdoors – especially in the unpredictable Great British weather.


If you're planning lots of long winter strolls with your new addition, a footmuff is a great way to keep baby nice and cosy. They’re also handy in the warmer months too – simply unzip and remove the top layer to leave a comfy seat liner.

pram blanket

These add an extra layer of warmth during nippy winter walks. They're also good to have handy during spring and autumn, when there's a slight chill in the air.


These keep the sun out of baby's eyes (and off their soft and delicate skin) during summer walks. The shade will also keep them a bit cooler, so there's less risk of overheating. But remember even with a parasol you need to still follow all sun safety advice and put plenty of sun screen on your little one.

travel toys

If the whole wide world isn't interesting enough for baby, a few colourful travel toys will keep their spirits high during long wanders.

stroller organiser

At last, something for mum or dad! Stroller organisers let you keep all your little essentials like keys, mobile and purse in easy reach.

stroller platforms

These are perfect if baby has a big brother or sister – especially one who likes to walk alongside for ten minutes before demanding to be carried. Buggy boards clip onto the back, so older siblings can hop on and cruise along.

infant car seat

Some pushchairs can be used with a baby car seat, so you can transform it into a complete travel system. These are great if baby often falls asleep in the car, as they can keep snoozing while you pop them straight onto the pushchair. Don’t forget, for some models you might need separate adaptors to attach it to the pushchair chassis.


Some pushchairs also can be used with a carry-cot. This transforms it into a pram, perfect for baby’s first six months when they need to travel lying flat on their back.

seat liner

They're comfortable for baby, they're easy to clean, and they come in a range of fun patterns so you can really personalise your pushchair. They stop crumbs and other mess from getting into the lining of your pushchair, and are easy to wash making them very hygienic too.