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Νursery mattress buying guide


nursery mattress buying guide

Choosing the right mattress for your baby is as important as choosing the right bed, and this is true for both infants and adults. A safe, comfortable mattress which fits your baby’s cot with no gaps (there must be no more than 3cm gap around the edge) will let you rest easy in the knowledge that your baby can sleep properly.

baby fast asleep in their cot

what kinds of mattresses are available?

  • pocket sprung mattress; individual springs encased in their own fabric pockets move independently to provide postural support for your baby. Even as baby moves only the springs directly underneath compress, gently cradling them for the most comfortable sleep
  • spring interior mattress; open coil springs provide firm support for your growing baby, strong and durable the springs will remain comfy until your little one has outgrown the mattress size
  • foam interior mattress; a great value mattress providing support for a comfortable night’s sleep
  • travel cot mattress; suitable for all travel cots
two little children playing on mothercare mattresses

baby mattress features explained

There is plenty to get your head around with a baby's mattress, so to help you out, here's some of features explained.

  • Coolmax®; Coolmax® helps to maintain a balanced body temperature due to the channels in the fabric which extract moisture from the skin
  • SAFEseal; waterproof and wipeable layer protecting the mattress core from inevitable little accidents - made from nursery grade PVC, SAFEseal keeps your mattress free from bacteria, fungus and dust
  • Amicor Pure; this is an anti-fungal and anti-bacterial fibre woven into the fabric enclosing the mattress - this fibre prevents dust mites living inside the mattress, dramatically reducing the likelihood of irritation caused by their allergens
  • Adaptive Purotex; adaptive mattress actively regulates sleeping temperature, plus Purotex which is a natural probiotic treatment which competes with any bad bacteria to ensure your baby's mattress stays clean and fresh keeping baby safe from germs and allergens
  • anti-allergy; hypo-allergenic outer cover treated with a probiotic to actively reduce allergens created by house dust mites which is a major factor in childhood asthma
  • waterproof; mattress cover is easy to clean and wipeable
  • breathable cover; a cover that promotes air circulation and breathability
  • heat regulating and Perspiration control; prevents baby overheating and channels moisture away keeping baby fresh and dry
  • anti-fungal; treatment dramatically reduces likelihood of irritation caused by their allergens

what size mattress do i need?

Getting the right size and shape mattress is essential as little limbs can easily get caught in gaps at the sides and ends. There should be no more than 3 cm gap around the edge. We have mattresses to perfectly fit all our current nursery furniture from Moses baskets up to single beds, as well as special sizes for items outside of our range.

baby fast asleep in a moses basket

caring for your baby's mattress

Regularly cleaning your baby's mattress is vital to ensure that they enjoy a clean and hygienic sleep, it also means that the mattress will last longer.

Keeping your cot's mattress clean is easy:

  • if it has a fabric cover simply wash it with a non-biological mild detergent
  • if the mattress has a PVC cover, clean it regularly with a mild solution of warm water and disinfectant or sterilising solution, or use an antibacterial spray
  • mattresses with non-removable covers should be vacuumed or sponge cleaned
  • depending on mattress type, turn regularly to maintain shape and/or rotate it head to foot so both ends are used equally
  • remember that you should never put your baby on a mattress that hasn't fully dried, and don't dry-clean the mattress as this can leave chemicals that could be harmful to your infant

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