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Period of Pregnancy

Nothing is more exciting, important and unique than hearing that you will bring a baby into the world.

Τhe period of pregnancy is definitely special but also one of the most important periods in a woman’s life. It is also important for the partner, but because the woman is experiencing all these marks both externally and internally, she is definitely the “Star”!

During this maternity journey there will be sensational experiences and pregnancy certainly is the most important one.

For this purpose, we have created a column from 1st to 40th week of pregnancy, which will faithfully follow you and advise you.

Our midwife and lactation consultant IBCLC Ms Georgia Leze every week is going to show you a special path to a healthy and happy baby.

How are the articles organized

The articles include a weekly description of pregnancy, detailing the physical and emotional changes that occur in both the pregnant woman and the fetus inside the uterus.

Each week of pregnancy will inform you about everything that will happen the specific week to you and your baby.

For you, you can learn about your body changes, your psychology, your exams, your appointments with your doctor.

For your little baby, you will learn about its development and possible reactions in the fetal nest.

Reading these articles with your partner will also help him follow the development of the unborn baby but also to be reassured about the changes that will occur during your pregnancy and be fully informed about this wonderful journey of becoming a parent.

How long does the pregnancy last?

Pregnancy lasts 3 trimesters, 40 weeks or 280 days.

Each trimester is a stage of fetal development during pregnancy.

The First trimester

This includes weeks 1 to 13.

This trimester covers the period from the beginning of menstruation to conception.

The exact date of conception is unknown so pregnancy is calculated based on the beginning of the menstrual cycle.

The first trimester is a period of amazing growth, in which all the fetal organs are formed and its growth rate is faster than any other period of its life.

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The Second Trimester

In the second trimester, which is weeks 14 to 27, the fetal organs mature further and growth continues.

The pregnant woman’s body changes in order to serve the development of the fetus and perceives its movement.

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The Third Trimester

At this point, at 28 to 40 weeks, the fetus continues to grow and mature.

During this period the pregnant woman’s body begins to prepare for labor.

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