How to purchase a gift

You can purchase items as gifts for your friends and family through

You are making the purchase and we deliver the item on your selected address. 

In order to do so please follow the next steps. 


Step  1: Choose the items you want and add to basket. Then press go to secure checkout

screenshot για ολοκλήρωση αγοράς


Step 2 : Login or register  to your account

  • If you already have an account then press  login

screenshot για σύνδεση στον λογαριασμό


  • If you don't have an account and you want one then press register

screenshot για εγγραφή λογαριασμού


  • If you don't wish to create an account then please proceed into completing your email. This is the anonymous procedures and through this you can not be awarded or redeem points through your loyalty card.

screenshot για ανώνυμο χρήστη


Step 3: To Shipping Information please fill  information of the person receiving the gift. Please make sure you add all details correctly and that you have provided us with a greek mobile number as for the courier service to be able to deliver your gift.

Step 4: To Billing Information please fill  your own data! You can either choose to issue a receipt or an invoice. 

Step 5: Then press Continue to next step

Step 6: In Order Review please check all the data that you enter in previews screens. Id something is wrong please press back as to correct it. 

Step 7: Payment. Please choose a way of payment. We note you that cash on delivery is not an option in the gifting process. According to the option you choose in payment you may be transferred to banks website or PayPal website after step 10

Step 8: If you wish your order to be wrapped as a gift click on the "Gift Wrapping" field. We inform you that our gift wrapping is free of charge.

•Select how many gifts you wish us to prepare for you.

•Select on each item the gift package you wish the item to be part of (by placing 2 items on the same gift means that the items are meant to be received by the same person).

•Tick the box if you wish us to include a written wish in your gift.

•Write your wishes for each gift (up to 250 characters).

Step 9: Click on  "I accept the terms of use"

Step 10: Press Complete Checkout