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First day at school: Here's everything you need!

Help your little one make an easy start on their first day at kindergarten or primary school! The younger children are, the more difficult it is for them to adapt to the new reality and let go of mum and dad. Not to mention, most parents get stressed over how to prepare their children for their first day at school.

Τhe key to success is a proper list. So, if this year your little one is about to sit at their very first schooldesk, we suggest writing down all their needs before proceeding with the purchase of all necessary items. To assist you, we prepared a list with must-have school products and items for first-time pupils.


The schoolbag  

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The star of our list, it's the key accessory of every pupil which means you need to focus a little more on the right one to purchase. Every child must like their schoolbag, so to watch them get excited and look forward to hold it, we recommend go schoolbag "hunting" together. While your little one picks a favourite colour or design you may focus on the bag's size: Is it big enough to carry everything that your child needs at school? Is it equipped with storage spaces? As with anything else, moderation is crucial. The bag mustn't be neither too small nor too large for your child. Make sure the straps are comfortable and padded so that carrying becomes a piece of cake! The opening is best to be easy for tiny hands and, if possible, it is advisable to choose a distinctive pattern so that your child can easily discern it amongst those of other students. Finally, it is important for hygiene reasons that the fabrics are easily washable so it's always spotless and ready for use! Take a look at our schoolbags to find the right one for your precious one!



The pencil case and its contents  

The schoolbag's best friend! Embellished with colourful patterns or superheroes, the pencil case is the one to keep your little one's bag neat and tidy! Ideal to store art class must-haves such as markers, crayons and lots of other colouring supplies that will fill drawings and sketches with a splash of colour! What will be their next creative project?



The lunchbox and lunchbag

It is important for children to take healthy meals and snacks at school from home, so a lunchbox is indispensable to say the least. Just make sure it is practical and safe to use and, of course, that your little one is crazy about it!
Every lunch gets better when stored in a stylish lunchbox! Cure and durable, lunchboxes are designed to fit in the schoolbag or the lunchbag. We suggest opting for one easily washable and equipped with food divider. Moreover, make sure it is airtight to preserve food fresh and nutritious. Best to combine with a functional lunchbag so your precious one can carry their meals around! 


Τhe cup and water bottle  

Ensure your little explorers stay hydrated all day and drink water safely with a water bottle! Fun and child-safe, it is advisable to be perfectly watertight so it doesn't spill! Options are endless and it can also be dishwasher-safe. For "thirsty" little ones, the water cup/bottle is ideally combined with a thermos bottle to keep water cool everywhere you go! 




Hurry up, then, and make a list with all that your precious one will need at school so that their first day becomes carefree and unforgettable! 

Have an exciting school year!