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What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files placed on your computer by the websites that you visit. They make your online interactions faster and easier.




Types of cookies

On this website we use two types of cookies:

Session Cookies: These are temporary cookies which are stored during your browsing session. They are automatically deleted from your computer or device when you close your browser.

Some of the things we use session cookies for include:

  • allowing you to move from page to page on our website
  • remembering what you have in your shopping basket
  • allowing us to take payment for and complete your order

Persistent Cookies: These are cookies which are not deleted from your computer or device after you have visited our website. These cookies help us to remember you and your preferences when you come back to this website.

Some of the things we use persistent cookies for include:

  • remembering your journey around our website
  • remembering your preferences when you come back to our website
  • allowing you to interface with social media sites




Cookies we use:






How domanage cookies?

Most web browsers allow you to control cookies through your browser settings. You can check how to manage cookies by clicking on the link below which relates to your browser:


If your web browser is not detailed above or you are using a mobile device, please consult your user manual or online help guide for details on how to control cookies. To find out more about cookies and how to manage them, you may wish to visit

Please remember that all of the links above are third party websites. We do not endorse them and are not responsible for their contents.




What happens if Idisable cookies?

If you disable cookies it may affect the service, you receive from our website. For  example, you may not be able to:

  • view images
  • add items to your basket or buy them

Please remember that if you wish to disable cookies you will need to do this each time you visit our website.

Our Cookies Policy does not cover any third- party websites that are linked to Mothercare. If you click through to these websites, they may set cookies on your computer. To understand which cookies are used by these companies and how they use your data, please read their privacy and cookies policies. We accept no responsibility or liability for these third- party websites. 




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