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Birth-Baptism List


Birth-Baptism List 

A service that will make yourlife easier on the first two big moments of your baby, its birth and baptism!

μαμά με μωρό που γελάει

Birth list

Your baby is ready to arrive and you have lots of things to plan! Visit one of our stores and choose among the wide variety of products and services. Create your own birth list and in this way friends and family can gift you items of your own choosing. In this way not only you cover your needs of your baby but you also avoid handling lots of gift exchanging afterwards while having a newborn at home. 

μπαμπάς κρατάει μωρό που κοιμάται

Baptism list

The time is here. Your baby is soon going to acquire a name and it is time to celebrate. Family and friends are going to be bringing you lots of gifts to celebrate the occasion.  mothercare & early learning centre offers you the option of opening a baptism list. In this way all of your guests will have zero trouble in choosing your gift and you on the other hand will be having an open account for a period of 2 years as to cover all of the needs of your baby! 





How can I open a list?

• Visit one of our  stores and complete the issing form. 
• Choose the items you would like to be picked from your gifts or leave the list blank as to gather money from friends and family.
• Take the number of your own list as to inform your friends/family. If you are opening a baptism list you can always request us some list cards as to include them to the invitations you are going to hand out.  


μαμά με νεογέννητο


Why should I open a list?

• By collecting money from friends and money you can select the items you truly desire and not ending up having gifts you cannot use. 

• The money you are collecting on your list remain active on your behalf in all of our stores in Greece for a period of 2 years! In this way you don't have to deceide on certain period what to buy you have plenty time to do so.  

• By using your own loyalty card you are gaining points and redemptions, from purchases 'gifted" by your own friends and family!

• After the baptism you wont have to carry parcels and try to figure who gifted you what as to thank them. We provide you a full list with all of your gifts. No carry, no exchanges, full details of gifting.