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Baby Steps | 18 μηνών+

Baby Steps | 18 months+

Good walker and confident mover but quite determined to get own way at times. Keen to play with adults.

What toddlers can do
• Can now run and walk well but will still have trouble stopping!
• Be able to climb.
• Feeds self with ease, using a spoon, fork and fingers.
• Can brush teeth with help.
• Language is developing rapidly, uses familiar words and intonates sounds with meaning.
• Some might be able to say up to 50 words. 
• Becoming more dexterous – able to assist with dressing and undressing by removing clothes which are undone.
• Understands the concept of construction (and destruction too!). Can manipulate large beads and thread. Can name people and pets when shown a picture.
• Starting to acknowledge when soiled nappy and beginning to show awareness of bladder control.
• Uses crayons and pencils to draw lines and rough shapes. Follows two-step directions.
• Comes downstairs, either frontwards or backwards.
• Plays alongside children of a similar age, but will copy rather than interact – this is called parallel play .
• Begins to understand opposites.
• Cannot concentrate for long periods of time.
• Enjoys songs and dancing.
• Very keen to show adults everything.
• May enjoy doing simple jigsaw puzzles.


Routine and parenting
Opinions about who will do what (toddler or parent) are becoming more strongly developed and there may well be a battle of wills taking place. Whether this is regarding which clothes to wear, or getting into the car seat for nursery – this stage can be very tiresome for parents. It’s important for parents to try and agree about how they will react when their child does not appear to co-operate. Setting up strategies for positive behaviour is essential and helps children feel safe and secure. Toddlers will enjoy a range of toys and  experiences, but they may also be beginning to show preferences for certain types of play. Parents may be thinking about moving their toddler from a cot to a bed, especially if the climbing technique extends to escaping from a cot! Expressing your needs and not appreciating those of others is a hard thing to understand when you are approaching two years old, so parents need patience when learning to live and negotiate with their young child. Clear boundaries, which encourage children to think/ be curious learners, but sometimes accept that things are not going to go their way, are important and need to be consistent.

What items may be needed at this stage?
Clothing – more ‘child clothes’ being purchased now (less baby styles) e.g. pyjamas, slippers, swimming items and character clothing. Child starts to show a preference of what he/she wants to wear or not at this age (likes and dislikes become very clear). May help
with dressing when in the mood.

Products – All potty training items, trainer pants and extra underwear required. May also move into a big bed at this stage so parents may need a completely new set of bedroom furniture, bed plus extra storage, night lighting and additional bedding

Toys – pull-along toys, stacking rings, musical toysHappyland figures and sets e.g. Fun Fair. Simple dolls and chunky tea sets will encourage the caring side and especially helpful if a new baby is on the way – the toddler can begin to understand how to help care for others. Don’t just restrict this type of toy to girls as early gender stereotypes can very easily be established. Books, crayons and play dough continue to develop manipulative skills.