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Your Pregnancy Week by Week
3rd Trimester: Pregnancy Week 40

Welcome to the world of parenting!

An exciting journey is about to start and Mothercare, through this journal, is going to be by your side and advise you throughout your pregnancy weeks.

Get informed about everything that parents need to know such as pregnancy, baby growth, body and psychology changes, doctor examinations and appointments and of course parturition, breastfeeding and baby care.

Our midwife and lactation consultant IBCLC Ms Georgia Leze every week is going to show you a special path to a healthy and happy baby.

Pregnancy Week 40

For many mommies this may be the last week of their pregnancy. For some, however, the baby may need some time! It is normal and safe for your pregnancy to continue for up to 10 days after your probable date. Do not worry! Very soon you will begin to feel that labor is approaching and you will hug your little baby.

Newborns are marvellous little things and are born with many essential skills. As soon as they arrive, your baby will be able to:

  • locate a nipple or teat and suck at it
  • grasp a finger with their fingers – or their toes!
  • recognise your voice and smell, and feel reassured by them
  • They see at a distance of 30-40 cm and focus on intense colour differences
Υou at Pregnancy Week 40

If you were feeling restless and impatient last week, this will likely be the case in week 40 too. Due dates are just an estimate so it’s normal for them to pass by without anything happening. If your baby still hasn’t arrived 7-10 days later, your doctor will discuss the possibility of inducing labour. Induction (encouraging labour to start artificially) will usually happen about 10 days after the due date, provided you and your baby are healthy. Unfortunately there’s no real evidence that DIY methods of inducing labour (hot baths, spicy food, and sex) are effective.

Υour baby at Pregnancy Week 40

Your baby, on the other hand, is feeling perfectly relaxed! They may be short of space, but they’re nice and snug. Your little one will be enjoying listening to you and feeling your movements. Amazingly, they’ll be born recognising your voice, and those of close family members. Their eyesight is now developed enough to see about 30-40cm away too – not that there’s much see just yet! Your baby weighs around 3.3kg. Soon you’ll know their exact weight and measurements, as the doctor or midwife will take these just after they’re born.

Τhings to do in Pregnancy Week 40

The advice to relax and rest as much as possible is probably wearing a bit thin by now. You’ve read every book in the house, and exhausted the options on Netflix. Go for some gentle walks and enjoy some fresh air. Make the most of some time with your partner – enjoy a date night perhaps, as meals out for the next few years will involve either babysitters or high chairs.

Every day that passes can be the last and for this you may have prepared the maternity hospital bag with all the necessary things and your medical file.