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Your Pregnancy Week by Week
3rd Trimester: Pregnancy Week 28

Welcome to the world of parenting!

An exciting journey is about to start and Mothercare, through this journal, is going to be by your side and advise you throughout your pregnancy weeks.

Get informed about everything that parents need to know such as pregnancy, baby growth, body and psychology changes, doctor examinations and appointments and of course parturition, breastfeeding and baby care.

Our midwife and lactation consultant IBCLC Ms Georgia Leze every week is going to show you a special path to a healthy and happy baby.

Pregnancy Week 28

This is it, the last stretch! Your final trimester has begun and you're getting closer to holding your newborn baby: it's an exciting time. As well as looking forward to the birth, you may also feel a little nervous about it: that's perfectly normal for new mums.

In just 12 weeks' time you'll be with your newborn baby. Maybe you're busy nesting already? A bit of preparation can help you feel more relaxed when you bring your little one home. Invest time in your information and cognitive preparation as new parents. A qualified midwife through the preparation courses for new parents can reassure you and guide you adequately for your new role.

  • it’s natural to feel a little overwhelmed by it all
  • remind yourself daily that your baby is fed not only with vitamins, minerals and nutrients but also with positive emotions. Invest time to self-care.
  • talk to other mums and mums-to-be for advice
  • start to research the baby equipment you might need
Υou at Pregnancy Week 28

Having a baby is one of the biggest life changes anyone goes through, so you’re sure to be feeling a few nerves along with the excitement. Your doctor or midwife will answer all your questions at your antenatal appointments, but talking to mums who have gone through it all or meeting up with other mums-to-be can really help.

If you were found to be rhesus negative (RhD negative) earlier in pregnancy, you'll be tested again in case traces of your baby's blood have mixed with yours. You're likely to receive a precautionary anti-D injection anyway, as it's common for small amounts of blood to mix later in pregnancy. The injection prevents you becoming sensitised to your baby's different blood type, which could put future pregnancies at risk.

Υour baby at Pregnancy Week 28

Your baby still needs to put on quite a bit of weight before they’re born. At 28 weeks, they are around 38cm long and will weigh around 1kg, the same as a bag of sugar.

Now your baby knows which way up they are, because the sense of balance in their ears has developed. Their eyelids, complete with eyelashes, have fluttered open and they can focus their eyes.

They also blink rapidly sometimes, which means they're in the Rapid Eye Movement phase of sleep: your baby's dreaming! Baby's heartbeat is strong enough to be picked up by a stethoscope now.

Τhings to do in Pregnancy Week 28

This week visit a diagnostic center to perform the sugar curve test. A necessary test in pregnancy that will help you, if necessary, your own glycemic index and help in the smoother development and continuation of your pregnancy. Your doctor or midwife will provide you with more information. Inform them about the results and visit them again this week for your typical pregnancy test.

Remember this is the right time to prepare for your labor. All mommies should practice in breathing and delivery exercises for a better and more painless labor. And it’s up to you!

It's worth looking at all the baby equipment available before deciding what you want and need. Consider which pushchair, cot or infant car seat will really suit your lifestyle. Do not worry if the options seem too much to you our Buying Guides will be able to help you out and feature lots of helpful tips and advice about everything you need.