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Your Pregnancy Week by Week
2st Trimester: Pregnancy Week 26

Welcome to the world of parenting!

An exciting journey is about to start and Mothercare, through this journal, is going to be by your side and advise you throughout your pregnancy weeks.

Get informed about everything that parents need to know such as pregnancy, baby growth, body and psychology changes, doctor examinations and appointments and of course parturition, breastfeeding and baby care.

Our midwife and lactation consultant IBCLC Ms Georgia Leze every week is going to show you a special path to a healthy and happy baby.

Pregnancy Week 26

Your baby is growing really fast now and they're starting to listen more to what's going on outside. Although you might start to feel a little cramped, many mums particularly enjoy this time, when you've got a proud bump to show off but before things get uncomfortable.

You should be reaping the benefits of pregnancy now: healthy skin, shiny hair and nails and a renewed energy.

  • strangers may start to admire your bump
  • your baby can hear your voice and will recognise it at birth
  • regular, gentle exercise can soothe aches and pains. Do not overdo it and follow a personalized yoga program for pregnant women to maintain your good physical condition in pregnancy.
Υou at Pregnancy Week 26

With your baby putting on weight, your own nutrition is very important, so try to include plenty of grains and vegetables in a varied, healthy diet. Take meal intervals for 2-3 hours giving you the opportunity to properly regulate your sugar. Pregnancy is a condition of insulin resistance and your body is making more effort to deconstruct food. This results in high sugar levels. Take care of your diet in quality, quantity and program. You'll start to feel the impact of all that growth, with some niggles, aches and pains. As your womb expands, it can lift up your ribs, constricting your lungs and making you feel a bit out of breath. As you get heavier, simple ankle and leg exercises can improve your circulation and may help to prevent muscle cramps.

Υour baby at Pregnancy Week 26

This week your baby measures 36cm, the length of a large cucumber. Their hearing is developing swiftly and they will be listening to the beat of your heart and the gurgling of your stomach. Try encouraging your partner or any older siblings to talk to your baby as they can recognise other voices if they hear them often enough.

Your baby is likely to weigh in at around 760g now, and their skin is becoming increasingly opaque. They will be practicing their breathing moments, inhaling and exhaling amniotic fluid, getting ready for those first gulps of air. Their eyes are pretty much fully developed, opening and able to sense when it's light.

Τhings to do in Pregnancy Week 26

If you haven’t started antenatal classes yet, they are a great source of information and will provide you with tips about the birth and the early days of being a parent.

Encourage your partner to participate in these lessons that will teach you together how to be the perfect parents and drive away fears and insecurities. Be informed  about the rights  that secure the working mother in Greece and make sure you settle bureaucratic matters before maternity leave.