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Your Pregnancy Week by Week
2st Trimester: Pregnancy Week 23

Welcome to the world of parenting!

An exciting journey is about to start and Mothercare, through this journal, is going to be by your side and advise you throughout your pregnancy weeks.

Get informed about everything that parents need to know such as pregnancy, baby growth, body and psychology changes, doctor examinations and appointments and of course parturition, breastfeeding and baby care.

Our midwife and lactation consultant IBCLC Ms Georgia Leze every week is going to show you a special path to a healthy and happy baby.

Pregnancy Week 23

After 23 weeks of pregnancy, you are definitely relaxing into your daily routine, and recognising the sleep and play patterns of your little one. It's time to put your feet up, lean on your left side and have a little 'me' time.

With an increasingly chubby baby growing inside of you, your body is continuing to make little sacrifices to look after them.

  • you might need to buy some new shoes - Prefer comfortable sports flat shoes for your pregnancy
  • your baby may start recognising your voice
  • a laugh or sneeze may have you running to the loo. Most women lose urine during their pregnancy. Special pelvic floor exercises will help you to significantly reduce this sudden loss. 
Υou at Pregnancy Week 23

Some of the changes that occur during this stage of pregnancy can feel a little uncomfortable and embarrassing for first-time mums, but remember this is all completely natural. Some mums go up a whole shoe size in pregnancy, so if your ankles and feet start to swell, treat yourself to a comfortable pair of new flat shoes.

Pregnancy can also start to take its toll on your bladder too, in various ways. You might find that you need to go much more regularly, as the little one puts pressure on your bladder, and you can even be more prone to urinary infections. If you are experiencing any unusual pain during this time, pop in to see your doctor. Your doctor or midwife can also help if you develop piles – another unfortunate symptom – which can cause a sore and itchy bottom. Wear cotton underwear, take frequent cold showers, apply a special cream locally and take great care of your diet.

Υour baby at Pregnancy Week 23

Through any troublesome symptoms you may be experiencing, remember that your baby's cheeks are getting chubbier (ready for cuddles and kisses!). You baby now measures around 29cm, and their skin, hair and nails are well on their way. With both lips and a tongue, some babies even start sucking their thumb in the womb. Through this mammal movement they practice, they swallow amniotic fluid and gradually mature their lungs and digestive system. During this week babies usually start playing with the umbilical cord. Their sense of smell, sight and hearing are all developing nicely – they might even start reacting to the sound of your voice! Sing and speak with a fine voice of affection! This delicate tone of your voice stimulates his interest more and he will gradually feel that you are talking to him!

Τhings to do in Pregnancy Week 23

It’s often claimed that babies like to listen to soothing classical music, pop but also folk music in the womb so it might be time to introduce baby to a little Mozart, radio or youtube! Make sure you take plenty of breaks for yourself too so that you can stretch your achy back and legs, and try using soothing baths and footstools to reduce any swelling and pain. Prefer milder and warmer water temperatures as a very hot bath can lower your blood pressure and make you dizzy. As a rule, avoid the use of aromatic oils or salts in your bathroom.

This is also the perfect time to start doing some daily pelvic floor exercises. During pregnancy, these muscles can become weakened, meaning that a laugh or a sneeze could make you pee a little! These simple exercises are small and discrete, so you can give them a go both at home in front of the TV or even on the bus to work.

For greater results, more fun and holistic ways to practice, visit an online or live yoga class for pregnant women.

Ask your doctor or midwife. Make the next appointment for a check-up in the 24th week of your pregnancy and see your growing baby on the ultrasound.

Finally, make sure you have the necessary blood and urine tests this week for your next visit.