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Your Pregnancy Week by Week
2st Trimester: Pregnancy Week 20

Welcome to the world of parenting!

An exciting journey is about to start and Mothercare, through this journal, is going to be by your side and advise you throughout your pregnancy weeks.

Get informed about everything that parents need to know such as pregnancy, baby growth, body and psychology changes, doctor examinations and appointments and of course parturition, breastfeeding and baby care.

Our midwife and lactation consultant IBCLC Ms Georgia Leze every week is going to show you a special path to a healthy and happy baby.

Pregnancy Week 20

With odd dreams, thicker hair and occasional back pain, week 20 has a few interesting pregnancy symptoms to surprise you with. This is also the magical halfway point: the first half of your pregnancy has whizzed past in a flurry of new experiences and emotions, and you are α little bit closer to welcoming your new bundle into the world.

Your body has done a truly amazing job so far, but there's still lots of wonderful work to be done:

  • your bump will grow about 1cm a week from now on
  • gentle exercise can strengthen your muscles and help with back ache
  • you should exercise gently enough to hold a conversation 
Υou at Pregnancy Week 20

Your increased circulation has given your hair and nail cells a boost. Hello, good hair days! The downside is that your nails can become a bit brittle and dry, so invest in some nourishing hand cream to pamper your fingers. Also, it's not just the hair on your head that's growing thicker and faster! Another weird pregnancy symptom at week 20 is vivid dreams. Nervousness, insomnia and hormones can combine to give you some interesting or scary dreams, but rest assured that this is a regular occurrence for so many expectant mums.

Υour baby at Pregnancy Week 20

Your baby is getting bigger and stronger every week, and now they're about the same size as a banana (but thankfully not the same shape). From this week onwards they're going to be measured from head to toe instead of crown to rump. They still have plenty of room for gymnastics inside your womb, and some of their more energetic moves might take you by surprise! Their nerves are developing all the time, and so are their senses. Some of the amniotic fluid they're swallowing is heading to their bowels in preparation for their first ever poo!

Τhings to do in Pregnancy Week 20

If you've not had your anomaly scan yet, you'll have it this week. This is just to check that everything's running smoothly inside your bump. You may have been feeling your baby move for a couple of weeks now, and today you'll get to see their acrobatics in live action. You also might get to find out if you're expecting a boy or a girl.

Most importantly, this ultrasound will give you the answer about your baby’s integrity and good development. It’s the most important ultrasound for your pregnancy. Through this, we can know internally and externally the proper development of all its systems as circulatory, neurological, digestive and respiratory system, and the external appearance of limbs and parts of its body. From now on, you can be sure everything is going to be alright!

 Let your doctor know if you want their sex to be a surprise, just in case they accidentally blurt it out.

Enjoy it, film and photograph it and book your next appointment between 24 and 26 weeks.